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Download NBA 2K22 PPSSPP Iso File and Enjoy Basketball on Android

You can access the NBA 2K22 PPSSPP ISO File to extract the game within the zip file with its texture and save the data file to progress quickly in the NBA 2k22 PPSSPP game quickly on mobile. The NBA 2k22 ppsspp iso file enables the editing features in the game to customize your characters according to yourself.

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Games like DOOM and Wolfenstein II are likely to employ similar mechanics to ensure that players get the full experience - we already know that DOOM's online portion has to be download separately and will not be included on the card, no doubt due to the costs involved in shipping games on high capacity Switch game cards.

I'm downloading it now. It currently says 1% and 6 hours 12 minutes remaining. This will take awhile but I'm just happy to get full, AAA sports games on my Switch. I look forward to FIFA in a couple weeks and now all I need is for E.A. to GIVE ME MADDEN! After that my sports gaming life will be complete.

Just have a 6gb patch to download and the save file on internal memory, obviously. But I bought a 400gb microSD for all my games and left the internal memory free and clear for stuff like this- updates and save files.

@flapjack-ashley @JHDK Last night I hit download at 10pm right when it became available. When I went to bed (midnight) it was at 71% downloaded. When i woke up this morning it was done. However, if that was only the 6.8GB then I regret not taking some time with it this morning to get the 16GB download initialted.I'm very excited for this game!!!

Nintendo made the same mistake Sony made with the vita, vita cartridges are 4gb max and a lot of games dont fit on them lately and you have to download extra stuff like extra audio options or better soundfiles, or even better Bamco released a vita game on 2 cart because the game was above 6gb.

All good sports games are going to make you download a huge file before playing. I believe they do this to insure that the most recent team roster and player information is correct and up to date. Maybe I'm wrong though.

I wonder what size card this will come on, though. The game download is split between a base download and an additional file download. Does that mean the game on the card is only the 6.8GB base game and you'd still need to download the 16.1GB file?

@rjejr my ps4 only has enough space for 5 of my games to be on it at's still a disappointment to me and I am not gonna buy a bigger hdd. So to me the switch is still better, I already downloaded 8 games on it and still have alot left.

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But the alternatives aren't that great. If the Switch had 64GB of internal memory any serious downloader would still need an SD card. Probably the same for 128GB. And 128GB would have added at least $100 onto the price.

@MsgBoardGamer I think you are really underestimating the "typical" user these days. Nintendo promotes the eShop heavily - on their website and on the Switch itself with the news updates and advertising. Even the most basic of gamer will be aware of downloading games. And now, those gamers who do buy game cards only will be aware of the storage limitations when they are forced to download additional data for games like NBA 2K18 or DOOM (for online multiplayer). Someone buying Resident Evil Revelations in physical form will be directed to download the sequel digitally, and that's a 26GB game file.

@flapjack-ashley I guess I'm part of the "minority" too. I prefer to download all of my games and I typically do. On the Wii U I downloaded most of my games. The same is true about my 3DS. I'm not a collector and I don't trade in games anymore; and more importantly for me these days is the fact that I don't want a billion game boxes sitting around my house.

@MsgBoardGamer Typical members to this site won't take advantage of eshop sales and download games? I know the eshop on the Switch hasn't done many of these so far, but Nintendo does a lot of sales on the 3DS and Wii U shops.

This a problem though b/c - they should ave explained why we need 5GB save files - I'm guessing replay vids - and Nintneod's choice on 32GB storage. Wii U was 8 and 32, 64 is natural linear progression. Sure cards are cheap, but it HAS to be cheaper for Ntinedo to get an extra 32GB on board than us to buy a card. If not, let Ntinedo stick a SD card in the box. Or make these guys put an SD card in the game box. It's just a lot to take in all at once. And then isn't like - oh, Switch has been out for 4 years, tech moves on, games get bigger - this is 6 moths after launch. Games aren't getting any smaller. Maybe nobody is dumb enough to have 5GB save files, but plenty of downloadable GB ahead. I'm just mad the $90 dock doesn't have an Ethernet port to download all of those GB.

@Yorumi Good for you. I try to fight the good fight, say I wont 'do things like buy physical games digitally, or pay the same price for digital as physical, b/c the companies aren't paying for the materials, but then Ntnedo bundles the Switch with a digital download Mario, so I'm like argh Win some, lose some.

@rjejr I used to be that way too. The fact that the price to download is the same as the physical that cost money to produce and also ship always made me frustrated. However, there's something about having most of your games on the system is very convenient. I used to trade games in but I don't do that anymore and it gets to the point that you have too many cases sitting around the house!

FWIW 2k14 was a 50gb download on xbox for anyone going digital. people complained about that too. so not entirely a nintendo problem. the problem of course is buying extra memory where others have it packed in (and a higher price)

I mean, I agree the Switch 32gb is fine because of SD and higher cost of flash memory, but I still think it's bogus for TakeTwo to not shell out for the full game on the cart. Especially if it ends up on an 8gb cart with a 16gb download and 5gb save reservation. Even a 16gb cart with 6gb download sucks.

Well, this is a bit of a turn off. I'm pretty excited for the game but with the physical release delay and now a 5GB file just for save data, I'm a bit on the fence. I'm going to wait for a few reviews and direct gameplay feeds before deciding to download it.

I wasn't planning on 1 for awhile, but now I'm a bit worried w/ SMO being a digital download. And Monolith may be good, put XCX wasn't small. Hopefully they just manage to fit it all on 1 card and that's that. My kid wants Sonic Forces, which is 3rd party, but shouldn't be this bad. I'm actually not sure what else we'll get, I basically am getting this for Mario and XC2, its' my kids system after that, I'll be on PS4 all next year anyway.

@ValhallaOutcast While a game is downloading, click on the game icon like you want to start playing. A box will come up with a status bar showing the download progression percentage and the estimated time until finished.

The Switch is only 6 months old, and already it's getting games that require you to buy extra storage to play a game on cart. Forget about the size or the ratios to other systems, 6 months after release if you buy this game on cart - not a download, on a $60 cart - you must first buy and install a separate memory card to play it. This isn't 2 or 3 years after launch like the N64 RAM, 6 months. So the floodgates are already open. People NEED to buy SD cards. So what reason is there for devs to try harder or spend more money on bigger cards if they know Switch owners have been trained nearly since launch to buy an SD card? Why should devs pay more for larger carts if they don't have too? Why make their games smaller?

Here we are 6 months since the Switch was launched and several supposedly physical games are requiring large downloads and the purchase of additional hardware. There's more on the horizon but Nintendo's leaving us holding the bag.

Whatever happened to Nintendo being a bastion against day 1 DLC/updates? This isn't much different from other home consoles pretending to be PC's. At least in their case, they can be installed from the disc 10+ years from now. What's going to happen to games that take this data break up stance when NS game files are inevitably unavailable to download anymore? I guess the days of games on Nintendo hardware all being preservable legacies is over...

On Switch you need to download half of the game or more even if it's physical like NBA2K18 each time you install it which is even less convenient considering its "portable" nature. Nintendo is known for shutting down online services early on (DS, Wii) and even eShops (DSi). In the future these games could be impossible to play.

@JamesR Thanks for all the updates. I have an almost related question - how's the Wifi? I'm annoyed the $90 dock doesn't have an ether net port, and connecting the 3DS to Wifi is one of the most annoying things ever - 2 kids, lots of hotel rooms and McDonald's. Pre-ordered my Mario Switch bundle yesterday knowing it will be awhile before I get to play the game, Nintendo servers will be hammered with everyone trying to download it.

So, to get to my point, besides the expected agonizing download wait, how is it first time hooking-up the Switch to Wifi? I really should have bought my Switch first, game on cart, but my kids and I want the bundle.

@MsgBoardGamer Not yet, anyways. Certainly, plenty of people seem to be accepting it, particularly in the case of DOOM, where the single player game is fully playable, but the multiplayer mode has to be downloaded. The space requirement on PC/other consoles is about 45 GB, plus up to 30 GB in updates/downloads. Bethesda has somehow figured out how to compress that into an NS card, minus multiplayer and SnapMap, so it may use a 32GB card. What's stopping Nintendo's own titles from following suit if they want to create a particularly large game, especially a few years down the line?

@rjejr wifi on the Switch has been absolutely fine for me. It's a million miles ahead of 3DS and the downloads are much, much faster. You can also play games and have the downloading going on in the background (unlike 3DS).

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